Types of Geek Squad Protection Plan

Here are the basic types of Geek Squad Protection plans for your help and support:

Geek Squad Protection Replacement Plan - The Geek Squad Protection Replacement Plan gives a comprehensive protection and effortless task guarantee right from the first day. It gives its subscribers full replacement of protected items.

Geek Squad Home Membership

Geek Squad Home Membership caters to each and every device and appliance at your home that you care to protect with our Geek Squad Protection Plan. This true even when you have purchased it from any Best Buy store or not.

Geek Squad Protection plan - From work-related coverage to spare parts, it offers round-the-clock exclusive and customized support. This Protection plan serves well above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty for a longer duration.

Protection With Accidental Damage  - We have plans and ideas that help the best in urgencies and accidents. When your products of care and desire need to be taken care urgently, we can help you prevent expensive replacements and repairs.

Geek Squad Protection Plan Advantages:

Normal maintenance

Our technician on protection plan will mend malfunctioning appliances due to internal heat or humidity, dust, along with errors in materials or manufacturing.

At-Your-home Repair

Our Geek Squad technicians will arrive at your home when you call us and fix an appointment at your convenience. Get your faulty devices mended at your doorstep with Geek Squad Protection plan.


Protection Plans from Geek Squad can be transferred to your preferred  individuals in case you decide to do so with no extra charges applicable.

Easy claim assistance

Claim assistance is the easiest with Geek Squad Protection specialists who work round the clock it make it sure that your insurance claim is settled well in time.

Food spoilage Care

Our Geek Squad Protection covers your food in your refrigerator. When your refrigerator freezer stops it is protected with a plan in which a maximum of $150 for spoiled meals and food can be charged.


Given the fact that our experts originally delivered and set up your product at your home or office, our Geek Squad Protection Plan provides reinstallation services for the same products at a very discounted rate.